My yamaha ttr 125 4 stroke dirt bike takes about 30 kicks to start, or I need to bump start it, what should I do?



Take it to a competent motorcycle mechanic. (Duh!) +++++


Change the spark plug, clean the carbs if it has one and adjust the valve clearances. Better still get it serviced at a dealer.


get in the habit of turning it over till you feel its in the right stop before you try kick it and use the choke. Full choke to start it.


read owners manual on starting drill.

Candid Chris

4-stroke bikes need a little help to get started. Step 1- Make sure you always turn the fuel OFF when not in use. Step 2- Don't touch the throttle before starting. Step 3- Slowly kick the engine over until you feel the beginning of the compression stroke . Step 4- Slowly kick pasted TDC. Step 5- Engage the choke with the Fuel On, bring the kick-lever up to Full Kick postion and give it a whirl. (keep that throttle grip closed). Before any of these measures- Make sure your spark plug is clean and properly gapped plus the air filter is clean and properly lubed.