Small head light on motorcycle lights up as I use the brakes?

My uncle lent me his 10 year old motorcycle and everything s well but the little light on top of the main headlight lights up when I hit the brakes. This bothers me because people in front of me think I m flashing them everytime I use the brakes. I don t know much about fixing motorcycles or electricals but is there any way I can fix this?


You have an earth tracking problem which may be due to water in the brake switches, either front or rear. Try spraying them with WD40 to dispel the water before you dismantle anything.

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you have an earth leakage problem ..though from back to front is unusual ..either disconnect wire to front bulb or remove it


that is a Bad earth the current looks for the Shortest route to earth and yours is using the earth on that Bulb


Disconnect the electrical connector to the small head light. Reconnect it when you return the bike.

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I Agree; a bad ground somewhere is using this bulb as return. Check which brake is the culprit; spray the switch well w /WD-40 to repell moisture. Check that bulb; could be carbon tracking inside socket. Check ground at head races--many use the bearings themselves to conduct current from headlamps/turn signals back to frame . I added a piece of braid on my old Honda. EDIT: Might be a Euro model with a passing lamp, a short at F. brake switch to P. lamp button . is there an extra button on 'bars ? Take the switches off and look for frayed wires. Bikes have a lot of vibration and connections loosen or wires "migrate".


The parking light? It's optional. Take out the bulb. Does the brake light come on? (It's at the back of the motorcycle, and it's red, dude.)


Its optional and depend on you

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Your best hope is to look at it carefully. You may see what is wrong. Otherwise, get a wiring diagram and study it.


Front brake or rear brake? Isolate why and when the light comes on. Then track down the switch and follow the wiring from the bulb to the offending switch – somewhere along the route will be a connection that should not be there.

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nnaybe you should take it to a nnechanic and have thenn fix it