Are their restrictions of what can be on a license plate? can’t believe what i saw...?

Aren’t their or shouldn’t their be guidelines for license plates?? Just the other day the car in frint if me their license plate was “NUKE-EM”. I couldn’t believe it , im not a very serious person but i thought that was quite bad and am very sunrised motor vehicles would even allow that. Was in the state of connecticut with a CT plate.. I’m seriously curious how that’s even allowed?


Most jurisdictions allow anything that will fit as long as it is not obscene, racist, homophobic etc or a copyrighted slogan or company name. You got triggered by Nuke -em? Jeez dude, go have a beer and chill the f**k out. If that's the worst thing you've seen in your life, go to church, get on your knees and thank the Lord for his mercy.


There are few restrictions on what can be printed on a personalized license plate - as long as the message conveyed isn't obscene or racist or isn't the name of an established company.


Yes, there are limitations with regard to what can be put on a personalized plate. The state DMV has to approve all requests. I guess "nuke em" didn't throw up any red flags, nor should it.


"CHUTE-M" was taken "HANG-EM" was taken "F-THEM1" was taken "F-THEM2" was taken "BOMB-EM" was taken "BOMB-M2" was taken "DOUR-CZ" was taken also not witty.

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"Nuke Em" is pretty tame. There Are restrictions. They do allow "Butt F**" tee shirts in public. Yet a family sued over an Iraqi Dead tee and lost. Odd, where the First Amendment applies and doesn't? Some Canadian was denied renewal of his: My teacher is named Dick. Head of my Ham club is named Funk or Fahwke or something. I'm sure CA would deny them vanity plate. Id like DK U SKR but I'm sure Id get nixed. So I got a personalized frame with the whole words spelled out.


There are restrictions however those restrictions are flexible and each custom plate requires being passed through a DMV board and the driver who makes the request gives a reason for the request. Sometimes they pass but then later notice it would be offensive and cancel the plates, California not long ago actually brought in a new special plate (the ones with the sticker or something like that). They used to have a three letter three number config and back in those days if they ever came upon a set of letters that would be offensive they skipped over it. Well, they added a plate that uses all of those letters. Personally I think as long as a plate isn t being racist or sexist or inappropriate for children(more specifically like putting the f word on your plate, something more subtle and not sexual might be fine) then it should be your plate.


There are limits, but I guess they thought that was OK. Not a big deal.

A Hunch

You are free to complain about the license plate. Just because it passed the initial DMV review, doesn't mean they won't change their mind.


Man y’all complain too much... consider yourself blessed to live in a country where you’re at the liberty of becoming disgruntled over something so inconsequential.


A publican in Chiswick, London used to have PEN 1 5. I saw a good looking blonde woman with a black Mercedes sports car with CUT 1 E.


It's are THERE or aren't THERE, , not are their and aren't their. FAIL Yes, there ARE restrictions, but that's apparently not considered offensive.


dont sound like it but there should be