Do i get a learners permit or drivers permit first?

I’m 18 and am in my last year of high school. I live in Minnesota. Where do I start first a learners permit or a drivers permit? What’s the difference

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Learners permit


You can START by reading and understanding the rules as they apply in the State where you live. There are DOZENS of pages on the Internet that give details of things you SHOULD know. Google is your friend!


Way way back when I was 15, there was no internet and yet, I knew what was required to get a drivers license. You're an 18 year old surrounded by 16 year olds with provisional drivers licenses and can't figure it out.


Seriously? A drivers license is so you can drive without another adult driver in the car. You can drive with passengers, with kids. What you need is a learners permit so you can learn how to drive. With that you need an adult in the car with you. Then when you get good enough you go take the driving test to get the drivers license. Your school should offer some sort of driver's education. Ask at the office.