Do I have potential in getting a Tesla at 20years old?

Ok.. so I’ve been wanting to get a tesla(my parents are gonna make monthly payments on it) but they prefer me get the car out on my name. My credit score is a good 730. But that’s okay because I’m hoping to get my Tesla on June of this year. I’m positive my score will increase to at least 800 by then. I hav ea full time job as a dental assistant which I’ve only been working for 3 months. (I barley started). And I go to school part time. Do you think Tesla will give me an opportunity to own one of their cars which is of course a Tesla model 3. Any tips. Thank you


It's hard to know where to start. In the big picture, that is a terrible introduction to car ownership. You have chosen a good, solid career field - medicine will be a growth field for at least your working life, I'm sure - but you are just beginning to get set up. All young adults have to learn first hand about budgeting and too much parental help gets in the way of that. (It is a mistake my wife and I have made with our now-grown children.) You would be wise to tell them thanks, but you have to find your own balance. There are other considerations in car ownership. (Congratulations on your credit score, by the way!) Never, ever buy a car without getting a solid quote for insurance. It varies widely according to your driving experience, driving record, and exactly where you live - I remember a question about why the asker's insurance was double what it would be if he lived on the other side of the street. Qualifying for a loan that is probably more than you make in a year is going to be a really tough sell. Maintenance should not be a problem with a new car, although the Tesla "no dealers" model does not make warranty coverage easy. Finally, some details. If your parents are making payments on a car that you buy those payments are taxable income to you. There is (the last I saw) a $13,000 per year exclusion - you can receive up to $13,000 in gifts tax free - and the rest figures into your tax bracket and you pay income tax on it. The work-around is that your parents buy the car, insure it and it is titled and registered in their names with you named as the primary driver. It can be done, but you would probably be much happier with a car that is suited to your current position. You are entering a time when your income will rise pretty rapidly and your expenses will skyrocket. The fewer obligations and imbalances you have the less stressful that will be.


Why would you want a tesla? the cars they alot of problems and the range is very limited. It takes hours to charge them unless you have a fast charging station build into your house. Just get a regular gas powered car. Dental assistants dont even make more then $40k a year. Which means You should be driving a $20k car or cheaper unless you want to get yourself into debt.


If I just started a job and was still going to school I wouldn't strap myself down to a luxury car monthly payment. What happens if you lose that job suddenly? How will you save money for your schooling? Still living with Mommy and Daddy?!


You are a liar on so many fronts. What have you done since 18 to get such a high score?


That's a $50,000 car. It's doubtful.


Tesla’s are relatively cheap. When I was 23 I sold my small company that I started in high school for close to 6 million. I retained a small stake in the company, and I receive about 100k annually. The first thing I purchased was a Lamborghini LP640. Although I was initially excited it cost me 3k for oil change, and became a maintenance nightmare. I still have it in my garage but I don’t drive it much. I typically drive my Rolls Royce Wraith, or my Chevrolet Sonic 1.4 Turbo.