Do I learn manual or automatic? Uk?

I start my driving lessons next week I have tried manual in my brothers car and hated it and did automatic in my sisters and loved it? What are the pros and cons of automatic


Learn on manual, you can then drive either which will give you a better choice when buying a car. If you learn in an automatic you can only drive automatics.


If you learn in a manual you can drive ANY car. If you learn in an automatic you can only drive automatics Personally I hate manuals and drive only automatics regardless


There are various pros and cons for each type of transmission. But in the UK and Europe in general, a manual transmission requires a higher class of driver's (driving) license. So more knowledge and ability is required. If you get the manual transmission license, it's good for everything. If you get the lower class automatic transmission license, then you can only drive an automatic transmission. Many people really don't have a need for the manual transmission license, but getting it and knowing how to drive a manual transmission makes you a better driver. Manual transmission drivers will agree with me, and automatic transmission only drivers might not agree or understand. You can always upgrade the license later. In the USA we don't have this type of licensing. I learned to drive using a manual transmission in 1969, half a century ago. I am driving a manual transmission today. I have, of course, driven many vehicles with automatic transmissions.


Learn the manual as you will get used to it! Once you get a manual mastered then try an automatic as they are super easy. After driving both I would stick with the manual because they are a lot more fun than a boring automatic! Here in the United States its getting a lot harder to find cars with a stick shift but you are lucky to still have manuals in the UK enjoy it while its there!


Manual is the thing in the UK.


Learn on whatever you prefer. If you pass on an automatic then that’s all you can drive legally. But it really matters less and less these days. Automatic cars are no longer scarce in the UK. A few models are even sold new with automatic as a no cost option (they are actually cheaper overall to manufacture and install anyway). But electric and hybrid cars are the future and all have automatic drive. Pure electric models don’t really have transmissions in the normal sense, and hybrids tend to use CVT transmissions which are basically automatic. Where it may hurt is for holiday car rentals. In North America, no problem at all as rental cars by default are assumed to be automatic. But in the rest of the world, manuals are the default rental offer. That means fewer automatics are available to rent, and supply and demand economics mean can cost a lot more to rent. If you plan to buy an automatic car, then learn on an automatic.


Learn manual. If you learn on an automatic you'll get a licence that doesn't allow you to drive manuals. And most cars in the UK are manuals. Stick with it. You'll get the hang of it.


The PROBLEM here is that if you only practice to drive and test in cars with an automatic transmission, you will be forever limited to driving cars with automatic transmissions. If, some day in the future, you decide you want to own a car with a manual trans, your license won't allow you to drive it. It's best to LEARN how to drive BOTH types of vehicles, so you won't be limited in future choices.


Learn the manual. Just drive the automatic.


Try manual to start with. If you pass manual at leats you have the option for either. If you really can'tget to grips with a manual , go for the automatic. Too many people drive around murdering their clutch and gearbox because they think drving manual makes them a better driver. In any case , we're all supposed to have electric cars soon and they are all automatic .


Learn on Manual


99% of lessons and exams in the UK are in Manual Cars. If you take your exam in an Automatic you will only have a licence to drive Automatics, but in you take your exam in a Manual you will be able to drive both.


You go vroom vroom

Ninefinger is a Pedophile



With the ability for manual you can drive a lot of specialty equipment. My tractors have manual. My 1972 International tractor is somewhat British, including that you shift with the left hand. The skill required (understanding the clutch) is identical to what I learned on Grand-dad's 1955 Chevy.


Just buy an automatic. It's all a matter of what you like.


Do automatic and live with the shortcomings because you can't drive manual (you HATED IT). THE LICENSE (when you get it) is NOT RESTRICTING YOU to a vehicle type. (per se the exception being if you got a license for a passenger car/pickup truck you do NOT have a license to drive Commercial Big Trucks or Dump trucks(because of their size and Air brakes) or (TAXI's because now you are on the road in a driving job carrying people for money) Passenger cars/trucks are usually driven "to work and PARKED all day while you work...and then driven shopping or home and PARKED again. The only other restrictions I am aware of is "some people have night vision blindness so they cannot drive after dusk or other people CANNOT DRIVE IN CERTAIN AREAS BECAUSE THEY GET LOST EASILY. SOME ARE ALSO RESTRICTED FROM USING THE FREEWAY. Or they must wear corrective eyeglasses when driving. Other than that, there is NOTHING restricting you from trying to drive a manual transmission. Even though, you passed driving an automatic. Your buddy may CRINGE AS YOU BORROW HIS CAR AND GRIND A POUND OF METAL learning how to shift IT. . The transmission can only take so much misuse, and grinding the gears is MISUSE. which ends up in a costly transmission REPLACEMENT real fast. . If it is your vehicle, no body cares but you as you destroy YOUR vehicle...learning. That is the cost of learning and YOU have to pay for it. . Every manual transmission shifts the same with a CLUTCH PEDAL. SOME drivers CAN DO IT & some can't or never will learn either. So, it could be something for future practice over a long period. Like many months or years. Some learn in a few hours. Some never want to, no never look into it. I can do Algebra & Trigonometry. I can't do Calculus as I have never been taught that. Am I interested? Maybe. Am I interested in Quantum Mechanics? Possibly...then I need to know Calculus. Other people just do grocery lists or measurements. That is all they need to know.. Adding and subtracting because that is all the math they really survive.. . Knowing how to drive an automatic may be all you will ever need to know. The ROAD RULES REMAIN THE SAME FOR EITHER MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC. Soon, there will be automated cars that drive for you. It does all the work and you have breakfast while it takes you to work.