When truck drivers get into a crash who drives them home?

What if they are all the way in Alaska and they live in florida, does the company send someone to pick them up?


When they crash, and if they are found, an ambulance drives them to a hospital.


Depends on A driver that works with my brother was in an accident, home based in Michigan the accident was in Tennessee. My brother drove a truck out, hooked up to the trail or and completed the run. The original driver stayed in Tennessee until the truck was able to be driven then he took it back to home base


you find a way to get your own butt home


You cannot be serious.


You can probably hitch a ride to the nearest bus terminal or airport, but then you're pretty much on your own.


They take buses


You catch a bus, or if you are a corporate driver, another driver will pick you up if he is in the area.


the blue light taxi takes them to the police station usually.


You get on the walke talkie and tell someone to pick you up and drop you off at the nearest truck stop.