Mechanic unplugged dash cam?

First off no rude answers please as I am still young and don t completely understand everything So long story short i had my car towed to the dealership and they had it a week i just got it back tonight they told me to drive it for a week and take it back so they can check some things but did not tell me what they did to it My dash cam was unplugged which I unplugged it before leaving it there but I only unplugged it from the cigarette plug they seemed to have taken an extra precaution and unplugged the camera itself which is sketchy I also have stickers on my dash from an old job they are just three 6 s so of course it says "666" on the dash but not in a serious way they are simply numbers off a menu board but someone had actually flipped the last 6 so it reads "669" which i am not happy with Are they allowed to unplug the dash cam and touch my stickers???? Like those are my personal belongings It was taken to the dealership its financed from

I know everything

Don’t be a millennial, it’s too obnoxious. Pick your battles or you will be a mental mess by the time you’re 22 and you’ll be running to the pharmacy for anti-depressants every two weeks.


By you leaving the cam on they see it as your invading their privacy while they are working on the car. They shouldn't have turned the sticker around but it sounds like a cheap trinket anyway so get a sense of humor about that.


Dash cams are seen as potential spies by people working on your car. It is polite to disable it, and to point out it has been disabled. I don't expect everybody to know that but it is a good thing to know.


Have them plug it back in?


Put it back on and fix the number. The mechanic forgot and those guys do not like 666.