What can I do to get more comfortable sitting in the middle seat? It is really uncomfortable when I try to do it.?

It has been really uncomfortable for me to sit in the middle seat of a vehicle for a really long time. It started when I was 6 and riding between my mom and little sister Jami in a Uhaul and it had a dead battery. I just remember mom buckling us into our seats, leaving us in the truck for a few minutes and yelling and screaming when the truck wouldn’t start. I was trapped in the middle and had no way out. I thought I had a good chance to get over it last fall when Mom volunteered to drive a truck full of donated supplies for our church. I agreed to sit in the middle. This turned out to be a horrible mistake. The truck was older than I was expecting and had not been driven in a few weeks. Jami and I had to wait in the truck for over 10 minutes while mom talked to people from church. When Jami noticed I was getting uncomfortable, she started invading my space and pushing my buttons. When Mom finally got in, she had a really hard time getting it started and told me to calm down and keep my seatbelt on when she noticed I was getting uncomfortable. I also had no personal space riding in the middle between mom and Jami and had to smell their breath every time they talked. I am wondering how I can get more comfortable riding in the middle seat. I think the things that bother me most are Jami invading my space and mom getting frustrated if things don’t go right like the truck being hard to start. I really want to find a way to deal with sitting in the middle better.

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I suggest counseling. You blew this all out of proportion. Either let people touch you in the truck or start walking.


Join the Marines when your get older honey. You will be riding in an armored vehicle with 16 TOUGH Marines who have not taken a shower in a week. You wont mind the middle seat when you go on leave.


ask if you can take turns so that way you wont have to sit in the nniddle all the tinne