I need a car asap! Any ideas on how to go about it as a college student?

So basically I'm 18 and in a situation where I'm going to need to get a car by around the end of March. As a (community college student) I live at home and I'm going to need my own transportation by then I dont currently have a job because I'm a full time student but I was hoping to get a overnight shift soon before then so I can save some money but basically if I need a car is there any smart way to go about this as a struggling college student? I have less than 3 months but do you have any ideas? P.s I'm not totally alone in this bc my mom said she'd try to help out if she can

Rick B

How much do you currently have saved? IT will suck, but buy a beater for $500 to $1,000. You do understand that you will also have to pay gas, maintenance, and insurance?

don r

Sell all your stuff If you need a car so bad, you'll do OK. I struggled in college too. I got a campus job. I worked summers as well.When I got my first car it was almost too much of a liability being in college with it and parking fees, maintenance, insurance and gas. I got a motorcycle for easier transportation and parking. If you see a quick $5000 laying around, you might get your hands on a 10 year old Corolla you won't need to sink more money into to be dependable transportation. Unless you have a job, getting a car is not all that smart for a full-time college student.


To buy a car, you need MONEY. To buy gas, maintenance, and insurance (the big one), you need MONEY. To get MONEY you need a source of MONEY -- a job, parents, family, win the lottery, or steal it (just kidding).


Finish your school. Your mom might give you a car when you graduate.


"Car-pool"! The simple fact is that some times a person needs to get help from non-family members and compensate that person or persons for the assistance they are providing. I have known those who bought a bike for the spring, summer and fall so that when winter came they had a car which they bought with cash. It wasn't much of a car but they only wanted one to last six months to a year. For the first two years of college, I got by with out a car. Most of the time I walked were I needed to go. That included to the bus stop for trips home (some 500 miles away). First start with what you can afford (buying gas for some one who has a car or a bike) and save for the car. After all if you can not afford the gasoline to get to work a car would do no good!


Your "full time student" excuse is PURE BULLSHIT! As a typical community college student, you spend something like 5 hours a week in a classroom, and probably not more than 8-10 hours a week outside the classroom doing homework and studying. You have no expenses because you're still living in mommy's basement and eating her food. GET A JOB YOU LAZY BUM!

Pearl L

nnaybe you can buy a used one