What’s the best way to get to work everyday for about 2 months if you don’t have a car?



How far away is your job??


You could rent a motorized scooter if you're on sidewalks and it's less than 5 miles. If rural area, or going over rocky paths, walk or take a pony. You could ask an unemployed friend with a car to take you back and forth for a flat weekly fee. It would help you both. If you work for a public employer, see if can check out a car for part of the time. Even one day a week would save you hassle and money.


Walk, bicycle, bus, cab, friend, etc.


Not enough info. Probably busses if you live near a bus line. A lot of business execs in major cities ride bicycles!


a bike or the bus

Rick B

Bus? Walk? Cab? Friend?


public transportation


Your best bet is using public transportation. It will involve a bit of walking, but not as much as walking the entire way to work.