How expensive would a single wide trailer be?


Jay P

It costs what it around.


You've not said enough to even guess an answer.


You think maybe they vary in price?

Steven S

There are many types of “trailers”. Do you mean mobile homes? The price range is huge. Depends on what you get in it.


If by trailer you mean mobile homes that would depend on size and amenities. But they run from about $24,000 to over $70,000


Dumbo The Flying Elephant only needed a flat living space that could be shoveled and hosed clean afterward. He had circus employment. I've seen single wide trailers that had been occupied by animals sell for $200 at an auction. There is no limit on higher prices but it is usually what the market will bear over 50K


depends on size, maker. 8x32 footer as FEMA had made in quantity or a 10x50 or 14x70 mobile home pattern? 16x80 about biggest 'single' wide made- need oversize permits while 10x50 may usually be hauled with daylight permits, no special oversize but 14x60 and 70s usually need route planed and often permits. 8x32 is treated as semi trailer- highway width of 8.5 foot legal and 32 foot good for bumper pull, no need for semi tractor. 8x40 was old limit before the 53 foot trailer became legal on most interstate, state routes and is still basis of mobile offices as well as living quarters. $38.000.00 for 8x32 minimal equipment to close to $100,000.00 for bigger mobile home 12-14x70. 'Mobile homes' may be classed as trailers legally in some states- industry standards have separated 'trailer' as common towed and usually still set up to be towed around annually while 'Mobile homes' are towed to site and usually stay there. 20 footers can be parked in regular parking double spaces while towed, 26 to 32 are common parked at truck spaces and 40 footers need semi parking. Figure $50,000.00 for basic 4 person sleeping , towable by camper special 1 ton rating pickup with extra $10,000.00 possible or minus $10,000.00 for stripped down . ..


As much as the dealer wants to sell it for. By "trailer", I suppose you're talking about a mobile home. I looked a new 2 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath single wide that was selling for $55,000 (electric pole, water & sewer connections, concrete pad extra), and it wasn't the least expensive on the lot - not by a long shot!


Somewhere between $500 and $500,000. If you want a better answer, ASK the person who is selling the trailer.

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Depends on the area and condition of it could be 5k - 100k no way to know. I once had a double wide bought for 30k but it was only worth 8. My ex wife got to keep it haha.


Half the price of a double wide trailer and twice the truck delivery charge, plus the assembly no doubt.


Half as much as a double wide would be my guess.