I’m thinking about becoming a truck driver?

I’m a junior in high school and I’ll probably just get an associates degree on some bs, but most of the careers I want don’t require college, one being a truck driver. I plan on being single, if not single, no kids, and I know you’re away from home everyday basically. Is it worth being a truck driver? I’m like the money but that’s definitely not the main reason why, I’ve always loved trucks any type of truck since I was a baby haha and I also want to travel around the country so it’s a dream I’ve stuck to!


Not a bad career choice because there is a shortage of drivers right now. Walmart just announced that they are going to pay their drivers $90,000 a year. But being only a junior in high school, your choice of a career could change. Some college or training in a trade would give you more choices in case the truck driving plan didn't work out.


Get a REAL job first. You can get a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) when you are 18 years old, but you can't drive a commercial vehicle outside of the state where you get your license until you are 21 years old, so it's going to be another 6-8 years before you can actually make a living from driving truck. Find somewhere else to earn a living until you turn 21, and THEN, if you're still thinking about driving, you can go for it.


Become the guy who fixes them. You go home at night, every night. You spend your weekends fishing rather than being 1800 miles away from your dog.


Cool job u r thinking about


If you're passionate about your career choice, you should put some of those life chips in and go for it. I'm a High school senior pursuing HVAC, and I don't need college due the course being career ready, I still plan on going. Luck to you mate.


Go for it




Follow your heart


My brother drives trucks but he basically makes the same run so he doesn't see much of the country. Same runs between Michigan and Florida 90% of the time. But you ain't doing over the road until at least 21. So see if you can get a local driving job after school, that way you see if you like it plus you get a little experience before you start OTR trucking


Shame your too young. Walmart is paying 87 thousand a year right now for Walmart truck drivers. This is more then normal since they are desperate. It's always hard work and long hours driving. Not everyone makes that much money. Pay is according to hours spent driving.


Where I live the local community college has a very good truck-driving school, so that you can get your mandatory CDL.


don't drink and drive


Automation is expected to decrease employment within two decades. If you spend less and save more that window of opportunity could earn a sum sufficient for early retirement 15 years before you qualify for Social Security payments. I'd recommend a liveaboard vessel or vehicle that's located central to your operation base. Eliminate land taxes. Stay mobile in retirement.

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Forget college then, and start learning how to drive. Maybe you'd do OK driving for UPS, the US Postal Service, FedEx, or even tour busses.


Talk about setting personal targets low. Give yourself a kick up the backside, those who set low targets usually fail to achieve them. Aim high and if you miss you'll still be higher than aiming low. A truck driver can make good money but an educated truck driver will usually have a better life and make more money. All this is academic as you can't really get into truck driving until you are 25 or so thanks to insurance restrictions.


As far as his income is concerned, the average OTR truck driver in the U.S. makes around $62,000 a year. An OTR truck driver's average annual income can range from a low of $36,000 to $90,000 nationally. A driver who owns his own truck (the cab; not the trailer) can earn the most, because he's not an employee of a company and he can choose the loads he wants to haul, and the distance he wants to haul it.


the money IS good but the time away from home & on the road is tiring. BUT!! You could look for a local driving job and be home every night !!


As vehicles become self driving soon, you will be out of another job.?