What does it mean when the street is a block away?

Do they mean houses, streets, area? What about 3 blocks away or any number block away?

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A block is from one intersection to the next. A house is not a block, is it? A street can be several blocks long. Forget the term "area", that isn't in the equation.


Block = distance from 1 cross road to the next. It is not a defined distance.


Ballpark term. By people familiar with a street grid in their general area. Its an expectation without factual measurement.

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From one cross street to the next cross street is referred to as a block long.


Whatever is between 2 consecutive streets is a block. Often, blocks in one direction, like east-west, are shorter than blocks in a perpendicular direction, like north-south, if that makes sense. I'm in USA. In Britain, they might say "a block of flats" which might not be understood in USA. It means a whole block of connected apartments in one building.


It is on the next intersection. Two blocks away, the second intersection and so on and so forth. A block can be a mile long or 100 yards long.


A block is the land area between roads. So one block would be from one road to the next.

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Basically a block is the smallest area of houses formed by streets so if you have a road making a rectangle around houses that's a block, literally a block shape. Blocks can be different sizes, you can walk down to a corner keep going to the next corner until you're back after forming a block.


When the spacing between streets is considered a block (houses, buildings. etc.); the street is as far away as the end of the parcel considered a block. Image result for size of a city blockggwash.org City Blocks differ in size, but the typical square city block reaches 16 or 17 per mile, or 2.21 to 2.50 Acres. Engineers use a typical city block as 100,000 sq. ft. for calculation estimates, which is about 17 blocks per mile or 2 1/4 acres. (A football field is 300 feet by 160 feet, which is 1.1 Acres.)


It means you have gone really far into the ditch.


A block away means "the distance from the place where six street crosses it to the next".