Why do people stare at me when i drive with my earbuds in?



For starters driving with both ear buds in your ears is illegal. You can’t hear emergency vehicles.


Because you can't hear them blasting their horn at your bad driving.


In many states it is illegal so maybe that is why.


It's hard to concentrate on driving if you got earbuds on. You won't hear the road and environmental noise around you. You should try to connect your phone through your car stereo system instead, and listen to music that way, as you'll still get the environmental sounds with it.


Because they aren't used to seeing people who are so stupid.


Possible impaired driver meaning you're a threat to public safety. People are staring at you to have warning, a second or 2 to avoid you if you turn in time to music or some cell phone order. single bud and mouth mike head set is acceptable 'hands free' device in some states that will give $500.00 tickets for cell use while driving, impaired driving.


When you don't hear an emergency vehicle? And or get in an accident due to your EARBUDS?... Come ask this again.


In many states, it's illegal to drive with earbuds in your ears. One reason is that when you're wearing them, you can't hear the sirens of emergency vehicles. Why not turn on the car radio and listen to music that way?


Because you're so incredibly UGLY! People would stare even if you didn't have ear buds.


Because you're a DUMBASS TROLL, that's why.


You look STUPID with earbuds on your ears.