Would the 1970's vehicles be better than the 1960's vehicles?

Would the vehicles built in the 1970's be better than the 1960's if they still produced the same medium to high compression engines, also would the 1970's vehicles be better than the 1960's if they never came with emission control devices, smog pumps, retarded timing camshafts?


The styling was better in the 1960's. I owned quite a few 60's and 70's vehicles. It seemed to me that there weren't many advantages to the newer models. Pretty much the same technology (other than the smog stuff, etc.), But with cheaper parts. More plastic, poorer workmanship too. So I would say No.


Styles changed throughout those years. There are likers and dislikers for each and every model and style. Engines became much more powerful, starting in the late 1950s and peaked in the 1965 to 1970 era, then power started dropping throughout the 1970s. Air conditioning and disc brakes went from barely available, to standard equipment, through the two decades you picked. Cars got lighter throughout the years listed. Cars went from mostly manual transmission, manual steering, manual brakes, to mostly automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes. Numerous other things. Rear window defrosters in the 1970s Delay wipers in the late 1960s Carpeting became available and replaced vinyl floor covering. Crash/restraint systems became available (seatbelts, collapsible steering columns). Chrome/shiny trim got less. -General automotive mechanic since 1972. Retired in 2018.

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Sounds like you're calling, "faster" better. From about '65 to '74 there were some ferocious cars out of Detroit, but they were not much worth it after 80,000-100,000 miles- junk by then. Gas was cheap back then, but wages were nothing compared to today as well. By the middle '70s American cars couldn't get out of their own way and were being run into the weeds by imports that got better mpg and were just about as quick- some quicker. 1960's cars were deathtraps and fell apart starting with leaving the showroom. Early cars were just plain nasty with breather pipes spewing out crankcase blowby everywhere. There was a dark stripe of oil down the middle of every road.


Air pumps started in the 1973 model year.


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