2019 Toyota RAV4 Le or 2019 Subaru Outback base?

Toyota for 4K down, it’s 259 a month. Subaru for 7500 down is 157. Ik it’s kinda big jump with the down payments but Subaru is more expensive. Personally, I thought the Subaru was a little bit more fun to drive, but Toyota comes with gap insurance and free changes. Gonna buy two days from now, which one sounds better overall?


Your down payment and monthly payments numbers are practically meaningless when comparing two cars. So, how much are you actually paying for each car? Are you getting a discount or rebates? What is the interest rate on the loans? How much interest will you have paid by the end of the loan? Has the dealer added in extra charges for fees and things you don't want? Here's a little exercise to better compare the two cars: Multiply the monthly payment by the number of loan months, and add the down payment. This is the total amount you're paying for each car, not including insurance, taxes, official fees.


I say the Subaru but I would first see if they would throw in the gap insurance and/or the oil changes like toyota is offering you


The Outback base will be disappointing. Get the RAV4.


I would go for the toyota rav4 i would stay away from Subaru because they have the cvt tranny.

The Taxpayer

Both are great. I'd be leaning toward the Toyota...depending where you live. New England and northern states...toss up. The more south you go, the harder they are to find people to fix them.