If London Underground 'tube drivers' earn so much money, WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LOOK POOR ?

Almost all the tube drivers I see look like they just walked out of the Benefits office. ie: Shabby, Badly groomed, Beards not tidy, etc etc. I know they cant wear a suit. They must wear a uniform. But behind the uniform, they look more like someone with a very low paying job. Any reason for this ?

Rona Lachat

Never knew it was expected one must be a fashion plate at Work. Uniform is a Uniform. I want a driver more concerned about operating his train in a safe manner rather than that they spend an hour trimming their beard to YOUR satisfaction. Suggest you spend a day sitting in the operators chair and see what your fancy togs look like at end of shift.


Shift work does that to people. You probably relate looking depressed with scruffiness.


Do they can't say I have ever noticed it.


They are eccentric. They get paid a lot because its hard to balance the train on the rails AND in the dark.


Regardless of how much they are paid, what do you expect exactly? It's a job driving a train. Generally working unsocial hours in a non air conditioned, cramped environment. They are not hedge fund managers, nor even is it any sort of public facing role in normal service (the only time an average Tube passenger will interact with the driver is if something goes wrong). Do you also have the same criticism of HGV drivers? They can earn quite a bit of money too. If a man wants to spend 90 minutes each morning trimming his beard and applying beard oil, that's up to him, but it is absolutely not required in a non sociable job where you don't even have to interact with others very much.


I don't thinjk they earn a fortune , although well above average wages. Unfortunately if you live in London and pay your own way ( i.e not on benefits), by the time you've paid your rent or mortgage, there's not a ot left of fashion.


As drivers do not come out of the cab you cannot see very many.


They may not have any style


Their problem is, they are out of work. The trains drive themselves, and the 'drivers' have an existence very similar to the people we see sitting in shop doorways around our city centres. They sit in the cabs of the trains, clutching a thermos and sometimes wrapped in an old duvet or sleeping bag, and are not even allowed the comfort of a dog on a string.