What are the amtrak superliner roomettes like?

I've ridden 3 times half way across the USA but, don't wanna pay for one. Prefer coach class. I want to hear someone who's ridden it's story about it.


Depends on the person to be honest. I quite like them. They're small (for a standard one anyway), but very efficient. A lot more comfortable than you would think. My problem with them is that they're expensive and would only recommend them for long trips for that reason. Anything a day or under, I just get coach class because it’s cheaper. Edit: I was able to sleep well, and the buddy I was traveling with didn't have a problem either. We got one of the smaller ones, and it was nice. I thought shower was nice. I think you get your own if you get one of the bigger sleeper rooms, but I never got one of those because they're just so expensive.