Does the forklift have right if way or pedestrians?..?.?..??..??.?.?.?.??.?..?.?.?...!.!.!.?.?..?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?..?..?.??.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?





OSHA states the pedestrian has the right of way; therefore, operators must be on constant alert. The forklift operator is required to slow down and sound their horn at doorways, intersections, blind spots and when entering or exiting a building. Approaching a pedestrian requires the operator to slow down and sound the horn. If the attention of the pedestrian is not achieved, the operator should stop the forklift. Technology has increased the safety risk. The use of blue tooth phone devices and MP3 players with ear buds drown out the sound of an approaching forklift. The popularity of cell phone texting also reduces the awareness of both operators and pedestrians.


Always pedestrian


Ok step lively there mate!! if you are at work on private property they expect a lot more out of you, than if you are just a citizen on the corner. You need to try to stay out of the way of the forklift, because he may not be able to see you.