Have a question about a tire sidewall and a small little hole or chip and you can see a tiny bit of the thread will it be a problem or leak.?



It's a disaster waiting to happen.


Get the tire replaced if you are in doubt.

boy boy

any damage to a sidewall is bad ..in an mot test in uk its a fail ...you cannot repair a sidewall


We can't see the damage and few of us would have the expertise to assess it. We can recommend you take it to wherever you buy tires for inspection, and that the safe way is to replace that pair of tires. If it is one of four half-worn ones on an AWD vehicle the choice becomes higher stakes but otherwise the advice to "Get the tire replaced if you are in doubt" is good.


If you can see the thread you should replace the tire. You have the choice of replacing the tire or risking death. Your call.


If it's tiny, no.


If it hasnt leaked up till now, it will probably be OK. You may also be able to put in an inner tube if it is a tubless tire