Hit & Run?

Long story short I hit a car while reversing and the person instructing me told me to drive home (though I stopped for a second to check for damages but didn’t get to see). Understandably, they didn’t want any issues but I feel really bad. I don’t believe anyone saw but if they were to find out, what would be the consequences? And yes, I understand how immoral this is


You was under instruction, it will go on their insurance as you don't have any. It's their fault.


You better hope you weren't caught by a security camera as your under instruction and driving on the person instructing you's licence its their problem if you get caught as long as you comfortable ratting out the instructor do worry about it.


There are no universal laws or punishments. You would need to check your State or Provincial laws to determine what the punishment for leaving the scene of an accident is.


Well, its illegal for starters. If you don't have your license, you will have issues getting a full license and the person instructing you will get points on their license. What is not illegal is stopping, looking to see if there are damages, finding out nothing is damaged, then leaving. This is fully legal, because nothing was damaged. I recommend using your phone camera to document with photos of video of you stopping and checking that nothing on their vehicle was damaged. Because this didn't happen, its a crime. If somebody saw you, then you could be in trouble. Because you don't think that happened, use this as a learning experience. Next time, don't just leave the scene of the accident. Please remember that driving laws are different in each state, and this is information for my state. Yours could be different.