How do I get over my fear of highway driving?

Okay, maybe fear isn't the right word because I am not necessarily afraid of driving on the highways but more afraid that I will make a mistake on them. I got my license last year and I got my first car shortly after. I drove on the highways fine in that car. Unfortunately, I was t-boned in an intersection which totaled that car. I don't have my own car anymore but instead practice in my mom's car. Her car is a lot different to drive and not as comfortable. It's not horrible but not as comfortable as my totaled car was. We are going out this week and I am gonna be going on the interstate with her in the car with me. I am afraid that I will cause a mistake that will hurt my mom and her car. We do have collision coverage on the car but still, I don't wanna get into a bad accident again. I think my accident took away some of my confidence as well. So how do I start feeling better again? I keep trying to think of the times I was so comfortable and confident but my stupid anxieties kick in and override those positive thoughts. Any suggestions on how I can help myself improve? Thanks!


I believe practice only helps the fear ease off. It’s better to be on edge rather then over confident anyway, and idk how your highways are but where I’m at some people choose to go 10 under. That may be a smart option for you. Also I’m sure you’ll get used to your mothers car. I’m 18 and at first I hated my 2nd car but after a while I got used to it. I’m sorry you got into an accident, I hope your ok and I’m sure you can get over this fear with time.