Can a hacker get my IP address?



sure, that's not that hard, also not that useful ...........................................


Your question is too vague, that's why the responses are, too. What's the scenario? Does the "hacker" know you in advance and is targeting you? Or did he stumble onto your router's IP address? Are you two dissing each other in the same thread? Is the hacker an admin of the site you're at?


Actually, you have two IP addresses, one public and one local†.  Your public IP address, which connects to your Internet provider (or VPN provider if you use one), is visible to any web site you connect to, and every router in that path.  Your local IP address, however, is known only to your ISP. († "Local IP address" is sometimes used to refer to the address your computer is assigned by your own router.  The correct term for that address is "private IP address".)

Chef: yes, its too easy but not that useful

yes, its too easy but not that useful :/ what is he gonna do? take you off the internet until you reset your ip and get a new one? did you expect anything scary gonna happen if he gets your ip? i know.... reality is often disappointing :/

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If you send non-web mail, it is in the header. But the easiest way is for them to get you to click on any link that they control.


Very berry easy 😜


Yes, quite easily but if you hide your IP address, it is harder to get it.

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Yeah! But if you set your IP as private then much harder to get that.