Fibre internet question?

Hey we upgraded our ADSL on Jan/31/2019. It was upgraded to VDSL and I was told my minimum speeds would by 34Mbps. Before this I’d average 4-5Mbps. Now with this new fibre line I only get 7Mbps on a good day and 1.8Mbps upload on a good day. When I sign in at my router says “line speed: stable @130Mbps” so what gives? If my router says it’s stable and that it’s 130 why is it capped at 7?. Is it because it’s new or should I call someone.


Make/Model of router? Are you connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet when testing? How are you testing the speed?


Try plugging into the ethernet port of your router. because WiFi is high frequency and low power it can't penetrate through walls that well which slows down the speed. If not I would call the phone company and have them send someone out to take a look at the error