Can i be able to changev the cpu type of my laptop.say from intel celeron N 3350 to intel i7?



Most laptop CPUs aren't upgradeable, they don't come in upgradeable sockets, but are instead directly soldered onto their motherboards.


Preconfigured systems usually have not only a CPU chip but other chips in a set to manage I/O and they are all balanced for speed and data width. You would need to know more than just the CPU type to know whether the change you suggest is feasible. Otherwise, at best such a change will make no difference in performance and at worst might not work at all.

John A

I asked someone something like that before and he said it would be like taking a Porsche engine and putting it into a Ford Escort. It could work but it will take a WHOLE LOTTA WORK! You'll have to upgrade everything.

stan l


Andy T

That range change is likely too much, it is likely a no.


Even if an i7 fits in the socket, it might not be compatible.

Spock (rhp)



Take to computer shop and have them determine if this is feasible on your computer.


Without looking it up - if it's not soldered, which it probably is, then most likely they are different sockets (plugs). So that would be a no. And even if you could the old motherboard would only give you half the advantage the new chip provides anyway..


Yes. Sell celeron laptop for a few dollars and buy an i7 CPU laptop.

John Alden

No, CPU in laptops is rarely upgradeable.

Master Of Puppets

Most laptops have their CPUs soldered onto the motherboard. I know that there are some laptops where you can remove the CPU, but I don't think those are too common. My old HP Envy laptop from around 2014 had a removable CPU. Generally, with laptops, what you buy is what you get and you can't upgrade later on. You might be able to upgrade the RAM and storage, but CPU usually can't be upgraded.


not possible


Negative, m89.