Can this laptop work better for Elgato HD60 screen capture?

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5566 I think it is. I have been trying to get into streaming. I've tried before and sometimes my laptop is a little choppy with it and doesnt work so well. The Elgato specs say I should have at least an i-5 (2 Ghz or more) for my CPU and at least 4 GB of ram. My laptop is an i3 with 6GB of ram. Is there anyway to improve how well it works with this program? Since I know I cant change the CPU. Can I increase the ram to help fix the issue?


Nothing you can do, your laptop isn't made to stream.


I'd guess that if it would work with the i-3 the site wouldn't have said i-5 was the minimum.


Desktop would be better, but without a list of what is loaded on power up, and what else is being run during the screen capture, and what levels of resolution and color complexity and game settings are being sent to the Elgato, no way to guess if the i3 CPU could keep up. Many times RAM will let you run more complexity, but I doubt this is the case for your streaming. It is a matter of throughput and CPU cycles rather than holding more temp results in RAM.