Is it possible to upgrade the processor and graphics card on a laptop?



Not with most anything made within the last 6 years. I don't know about laptops with AMD A-Series processors, but laptops with Intel parts have been using BGA socketed processors since the 4th Generation, which have the processor soldered to the mainboard. Older laptops from 2012 and beforehand used PGA (Pin Grid Array) socketed processors which allows the processor to be removed. To make it even more complicated, you have a limited list of processors to choose from. With the Lenovo laptop I'm currently using, if the Processor dies then I have to replace the entire motherboard. In my case it isn't worth it because a used motherboard with a soldered processor is $300. I bought my laptop new for $500 3 years ago.


Some high end laptops do allow CPU changes but certainly only those with the exact same footprint. So you might be able to swap and i5 for an i5 but not an i5 to an i7. In most laptops the CPU is soldered into the MoBo and the "graphics card" as you call it is only as section of the MoBo itself and not a separate card..


No, as a general answer. If you named a full laptop model number, it can be investigated. Most graphics cards are either part of the motherboard as soldered, or a custom card for the laptop manufacturer. CPUs are mostly soldered to the motherboard. In order to upgrade CPU, the CPU has to be: 1) Socketed rather than soldered 2) Core logic chipset match 3) Not bios restricted 4) Circuitry and design handles wattage (power) including heat removal 5) Finding the cpu as a repair part usually on ebay 6) Is it worth the effort? Generally very limited in results. Note: - No help at all from the laptop brand and voids warranty For graphics, it needs to be a separate card or socketed CPU-GPU AMD brand module As a separate card, it needs to be a standard. If there was a model by the laptop brand with a graphics card and they offered one you could have bought, you may be able to upgrade to that card, but it is usually more expensive than the improvement.


Not with the overwhelming majority of laptops.


not normally


In most cases, it isn't possible to upgrade a laptop's graphics card

Laurence I

no to the gpu, yes to the cpu(which may have a slightly different gpu if its an Intel CPU) but only within strict set of rules. Rule one, the Chipset decides the range of cpu's compatible thats it. Rule 2 they also have to fit the socket Rule 3 the pc is designed around a certain wattage and you cannot fit a cpu of very much more wattage otherwise it will make the pc too hot and something has to give. Rule 4 the CPU ID must be included in the bios(otherwise it may not get configured correctly), turn that statement around if the CPU was released after the BIOS date then the BIOS needs to be updated. Rule 5 the speed settings of the cpu must be compatible with the RAM fitted thus some CPU's in the same range for example may use 1600 mhz ram and some may need 2100mhz ram. you can research any intel cpu(and chipset) on the Intel ARK site.

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Only on the more expensive laptop gaming computers like the Alienware models. That's the reason for the high cost of these computers.