I pad or Nook??? Which is best for over 75 age??? Cost please...?


Geek Squad

Hi there! Picking which tablet/e-reader you would like really depends on your preferences and intended primary use. If you're looking for an e-reader where you can take all your books anywhere on one device then a Nook would be a great choice. It is very straightforward and has a screen meant to be adapted to make reading easy in sunlight and high glare conditions. They are also less expensive than an iPad or a Kindle running (depending on model) at $50 to $120. If you would like a tablet where you can also use Facebook, check e-mail, read online news etc as well as load it up with books then a Kindle or iPad might be more up your alley. However, since these both have more features than a Nook they may be more difficult to navigate for someone over 75 :) iPads and iPad minis range from $329 - $559 and Kindles range from $80- $180. If you do want a more multi-purpose tablet like the iPad the Geek Squad agents at your local store can help you get all your accounts set up on it so you don't have to go it alone. We can get you signed in to e-mail etc as well as help you load e-books onto your device to take with you. In addition to any set-up help you might need for any device you choose. Hope this helps and have a great day! Geek Squad Agent Amy A. Shield # 128679 Triage Agent | PC/Drone Repair | Geek Squad Social Media Team 1/23/2019