Is it possible to connect your laptop to your TV but using the TV's resolution? Like treating it as a PC case and not a laptop?


Master Of Puppets

Generally, when you plug in your laptop to a TV via HDMI or DisplayPort, the laptop will display whatever the maximum resolution is of the TV, unless the laptop's graphic card doesn't support the higher resolutions. I don't really understand what "Like treating it as a PC case and not a laptop?" means. A PC case is simply an enclosure where all of the components of your PC are stored in. If you're asking if you can leave your laptop plugged into the TV and simply use the TV as the display and not the laptop's screen, then yes, you can do that. Otherwise, you have to be more specific.

Spock (rhp)

a modern tv has an input setting specifically for this and any fairly late model laptop should be ok with it. you'll probably need an HDMI cable [not supplied with either]