What can I practice at home staying out of computer and many people that will provide me money/job?


Spock (rhp)

J K Rowling did ok with her books. Being an author is an offline job done mostly alone


Pull power plug on the computer. Contact by mail many employers who would let you work at home. Be careful of scammers who would pay so little, or not at all. NEVER GIVE THEM MONEY TO START. You might look into pet grooming. Does not take a lot of hardware you don't already have. You must like dogs, and you may find courses on line how to do that. You might find someone in area who will train you for taking over what they are retiring from. But takes patience, and an ability to build up repeat business. What it will pay depends upon the competitors, complexity of each appointment, and what you think is fair.


Baking, cooking, arts & crafts, writing (on paper, let someone else transfer it to the computer), electronics repair, car repair, car wash, laundry, and lots more.