MacBook Pro 13” or 15” for a developer?

I do web, Android and planning on iOS development. All I’ve got budget for is either a MacBook Pro 13 with [512GB SSD 16GB Ram i5 quad core processor] Or MacBook Pro 15” base model [i7 16GB 256GB SSD]. So my question is what I should get? Im having real trouble deciding between the two because if I go for the 15inch I get more display and more performance for the draw back of possibly using external drives. But if I get a 13 that problem is no longer there. Please do let me know what you think. Thanks..


I'd go for the better processor. You can add more hard drive space, but you can't swap out the CPU. The i7 will give you more power and potentially last longer, in that you won't feel constrained by CPU issues. You can always attach an external hard drive and use an external monitor.


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