My shift keys dont capitalize or do anything?

Before my left shift was broken but now so is my right shift. I did install something to change the function of my shift key but it didn't work an its gone. I could still capitalize after I deleted it too. I dont think both keys are worn out because I never use my right shift it works on and off but most often not


There's a simple test. Temporarily beg or borrow a keyboard which is known to work and see if using that works properly. If it does, your keyboard if faulty. If it's still problematic, it's something to do with your settings.

Spock (rhp)

technician. first is to replace the keyboard driver. if that fails, the keyboard itself may have to be replaced. be sure to talk with the tech about alerting you if the repair will become too costly


Check control panel make sure sticky keys is working


With no clues where the keys are (on which device--keyboard, laptop, something else?) no guesses for you. Repair shop or buy another are only suggestions.