Do you think it would be a good idea do have different fonts for different emotions online?

Sometimes people will take jokes literally or not get you are being sarcastic, or think you are being rude when you are just trying to explain something. I think different fonts could work. I know different fonts already exist but you can't use them on the like FB, or in YouTube comments




Fonts are great and all, but some are harder to read than others. Some of them are based on preference. And doesn't really portray anything more than what you type. Emotions would resolve some things. Like the jokes and being sarcastic. Fonts I don't think changes any of these issues you describe above, unless it is a stated thing between who you are texting/messaging/posting to. It would have to be a learned thing, or people would have to start establishing fonts as an emotion. However there are too many fonts that exist, as well as many different languages. People will not understand the differences for a longgg while until it is trained or learned on the people that want to learn it. And not everyone will want to do that. TL;DR So my vote is more emotions.