How to clean the print head?



If you find that the printed image is faint or missing, you may be able to resolve these problems by cleaning the printhead, ensuring that the nozzles distribute the ink correctly. You can clean the printhead of the computer by using the Printer Header utility in the printer software or printer itself using the buttons on the printer control panel. Suspension The ink printhead consumes toner. To avoid wasted ink, clean the printhead only if the print quality has decreased. For example, if the print is out of focus, the color is incorrect or missing. Use the Nozzle Check utility first to verify that the printhead needs cleaning. Saves the ink. When the ink end indicator or light is flashing, you can not clean the printhead. You must first replace the appropriate ink cartridge. Do not start the Head Cleaning or Nozzle Check utility during printing. Otherwise, printing may be corrupted.


There will be a maintenance program deep inside your PC. Look for it under the printer name in 'all programs'. I have to say that inkjets do get to the point where head cleaning fails. You then have to bin them and buy a new printer. If you never, or very rarely, need colour printouts I strongly suggest you buy a laser printer. Prices have fallen considerably and although the toner cartridges seem expensive the price of printing per sheet is usually less than that of an inkjet. The quality is ten times better and the print won't smudge if you sneeze on it.