Im resetting my computer and this came up?

I wanted to reset my computer to just delete everything and start over (as if youre resetting a phone or buying a new one) but I needed to keep windows 10. Im only a teenager so i ll be in a lot of trouble if i messed it up. Anyway, a thing saying "Your PC has more than one drive. Do you want to remove all files from all drives?" With the options "Only the drive where windows is installed" and "all drives". I have no idea what this means and what each options going to do, so can somebody please explain what it means and what option i should pick. Btw i have a few things backed up to onedrive, will any of these affect it?


Windows PCs can have multiple logical drives such as C:, D:, etc, although they may exist on the same physical drive or on separate physical drives. You can either simply reinstall Windows 10 on C: and leave the other drives untouched, or you can get rid of the lost. If you want to make it like a new computer, it would seem logical to get rid of everything. If you are thinking of disposing of the computer rather than cleaning it for your own use, then you might want to wipe the drives. A simple full reinstall will make your personal files disappear but they can still remain on the drives as space that is designated as available for use for new files. The contents of this space will remain until a new file overwrites it. Wiping the drive makes it much more difficult or even impossible for your personal files to be recovered. I hope this helps.


You do not reset a computer the same way you reset a phone or tablet. It is more complicated. The first thing you have to do is BACK UP your files. Back up your Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music files to an External Hard Drive. If your using an Email program as opposed to Web Mail then you need to back up your address book and important Emails. If your using Web mail. No problem because your address book and email are in the cloud. You then RE-Install Windows using the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft.


Id not mess with any those drives or files cause you could end up messing your computer up