Do I need to learn SQL if I want to be a software developer?

I don't like SQL :'(


No. 1) SQL is about database. Not all software use databases. Plain files, XML files, etc, still exist. Almost none of the software you use on your computer use SQL 2) Even if you consider that now, and even more in the future, all software will be some sort of SaaS, which often implies a JavaScript+HTML+CSS+PHP+SQL development, well, nothing says that the storage on server side has to be SQL based. There is even a trend in so-called "No-sql" databases. That being said, there is a difference between being a SQL expert (able to choose the correct indexation policy), and just use SQL to pull an name from a table. So learning basic SQL won't hurt you that much, and can be helpful. All software developer will probably have a few encounter with SQL in their career, so it is a problem if you have a plain phobia about it

Andy T

No, in all likelihood you need only a basic line or two if you go to fields that usually don't use database and lines are even handed to you in some cases, system utilities for instance, and how much of database access is in a video game anyway? But do have it in your repertoire, just in case.




You will need to know SQL if you plan to develop software. It will be needed at some point, and getting a job may depend on it.

Concerned Citizen

Sqls easy to learn. Stop your whining and get busy