Why do people make really bold statements about Technology?

Examples: -someone says you can learn 10 programming languages in one week -someone says Artificial intelligence will change the world 100 times more than electricity did -If you want to become a programmer in 2019 you must do these 10 things -reasons why C++ is no longer used -Javascript will be the only language used in the future -In the future programming will be necessary for everyone to know Clearly, those statements aren't a hundred percent accurate at all. Am I right? When I watch coding tutorials on YouTube, I always see advertisement's that say things like this on the side


Why are you posting this question? Obviously because, one way or another, the ads got your attention. They're trying to make money. To make money, you need a consumer. To get consumers, you need to attract their attention, whether in good interest or not. To any experienced programmer, most of those statements are false, opinionated, or predictive. However, they're not targeting the experienced programmer, they're targeting the average Joe and the novice programmer. How did Trump get his following? Tons of the things he says are inaccurate, predictive, or are outright lies. However, it grabs the attention of those who don't know any better. For those who do know better, they complain about what he says and continue to publicize it to even more people that don't know better. Welcome to modern day native advertising.

L. E. Gant

Slogan thinking -- it's Orwell's Newspeak taking form in reality. The intention is to get your attention, and hence act on the advertisement.

Andy T

They want to sound visionary, being attention grabber. Nothing else to it.


There are people who are gullible, and WILL believe anything. I don't believe that nonsense.


All of those adverts you saw on YouTube succeeded in pulling you in! Their only regret is that you didn't share the names with us!!! YouTube on the other hand came out the winner for making any money off of you going there, the adverts ( if they did) and you just plugging them right now on Yahoo answers like that! The adverts make bold statements about programming like that for the same reason anyone makes bold statements whether they believe it or not TO GET ATTENTION!


Some folks are just full of BS. Ignore them if you are sure they are incorrect and do a search if you are not sure. Advertisers and politicans lie and exaggerate all the time!!


Knowing what to believe in dictates how intelligent you are.


You should probably install an Adblocker extension. I recommend uBlock Origin.