I am teaching myself language C programing and I have come across this problem. I'm trying to write a program for it but I'm stuck. Help plz?

Write a program that compare two integer values, m and n. This program should relate the two values in the following ways. It should print what relation it is testing and if the relation is true or false (by printing 1 or 0). a. m==n b. m>n c. m<n d. m!=n e. m>=n f. m<=n

Quentin: Third time you've asked this! https

Third time you've asked this! https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20190130160908AAbsGHk


In C printf("%d ",m==n); printf("%d ",m>n); you get the idea the boolean operators yield 0 or 1 for false or true. So print that value directly..


This is insanely easy if you can actually understand the directions. // up at the top: #include <stdio.h> // in your main function, do this for a-f where (R) is the evaluation: printf("m (R) n = %d\n", (m (R) n) ? 1: 0); You'll need 6 lines like that to evaluate each condition (a-f). That should be sufficient to fulfill what you've specified.