What does calculate and print to the screen mean?

I have to create a structured algorithm that states to calculate and print to the screen the age a person will be in 2019 when provided the birth year. I know how to calculate the age but what does print to the screen mean?


You can use the instruction printf to print the result to a stream, the standard output, which is the terminal's screen. c:\>my_program Hello World c:\>▍ Even then you can intercept it and redirect, e.g. it to a file. e.g. C:\>my_program > file.txt


It means "display text" so the user can read it. Programming languages often use a command like "print" for that, because computers from 50 years ago didn't have screens and literally printed all output on a strip of paper. Python example: https://ideone.com/jjPam2


It would display the result.