When a company has a qualification that says "experience with programming languages such as C++, C, Java, or Python", what does that mean?

Does that mean the company is saying someone could only practice a lot with one of those languages and get a job offer? Or is the company expecting job candidates to use all of those languages?


"programming languages such as" means they expect you to know at least basic programming principles. If you have used any one of these languages, getting into another, similar language is much easier because you only need to learn the words, if you will, not how to use them (because you already know). Essentially they want to make sure that they don't have to teach you how to program.


It would need to be something verifiable, otherwise anyone could claim to be qualified. The company might, for example, want to look at your GitHub and see what programs you've written. Even then, part of the hiring process usually involves some testing of your skills.

Gordon B

A lot of skills are transferable from one language to another. They may just want that position to be familiar iwhthten with a view to developing