Which programming languages would you recommend I learn if I want a Computer Science related job in 2019?

Languages I've practiced with the most: Java, C++, C. Java is by far my favorite programming language. Languages I feel like I'm not very used to using: SQL, Swift, Assembly, Matlab, HTML, CSS. I'm not a big fan of SQL, if I could avoid using it I'd be happy. Languages I know pretty much know nothing about: Python, C#, PHP, JavaScript, any other language not listed I just feel pretty confused about what languages I should be learning. I don't know what languages companies are looking for.


You might try searching your favorite jobs portal for Rookie Programmer jobs and see which languages they're looking for.

Concerned Citizen

It's all about where you see yourself. For instance at my job I had to learn powershell on the fly as I deal with windows server/exchange/ad/etc. But also leveraged my knowledge of other systems and languages to complete complex tasks. Ex a project I'm working on leverages 4 different languages to complete a series of tasks that'll save the company thousands of hours in productivity.


The English one.