Is it a scam?

I got this text message accusing me of watching child pornography. It said to give the person $500 or he/she would tell all my friends. The thing is that I am 13 and my number says it’s at a low risk for scams, but I have gotten shady telemarketing calls in the past. Another thing is that my phone is connected to my dads somehow. Should I be worried?


It's a scam. Anytime somebody asks for money like this it is a scammer. There is always the remote possibility that one of your friends is pranking you from a throw-away phone. But not likely. At any rate, because of your age, you should report it to your parents so that they can deal with it. There are ways to handle scam (spam) text message on a phone but the person who owns the family account (your dad) is the one who has to do it. So tell your parents.


Scam delete the text do not click on any links in the txt and if possible block the number for the txt sender. If you are 13 and not being doing things you should not have been doings with your phone - show it to you folks.


Definitely a scam. Don't send them anything. If you send them money, they will CONTINUE to blackmail you over and over again. If they have info to blackmail you, then they can blackmail you for the rest of your life.. and they will. Best thing to do is to not care .... cuz then they lose power of you. They would not be able to use your fear against you anymore.


It is a SCAM.


Yes definitely


It's a scam!


Yes, it is a scam. You should delete it immediately.


Yes it is


I got similar messages. It is a scam.


don't worry its an obvious scam, they don't know your name, address or any of your friends contact details, they just send thousands of those texts out randomly in the hope that one or two gullible people will pay up


Yes it's a scam. Did they know your name or address? Or any personal info that proves they aren't just randomly dialing phone numbers and leaving generic information? And of course, unless you've actually been viewing child pornography, it must be a scam. By blackmailers don't really send anonymous tips to the FBI with information on someone whose computer they hacked into, since hacking is, ya know, a crime.


Let them know you have the money. Tell them they must stop by in person for it. Go from there.




Just block it and forget about it


It's a scam. Either that or they are trying to extort your chomo dad but more likely your dad's not watching porn and it's just a scam. I'd take a screenshot or something just to be safe, so if it's legit and anything does happen you have evidence for court. P.S. don't reply to the text and don't open it if you already haven't. Just take a screenshot and delete.


You said your phone was connected to your dad's? Are you sure the message wasn't meant for him? It could be one of your friends because a 'pro scammer' would ask for really big bucks$$$ and wouldn't threaten to tell your friends, instead threaten to specifically your wife or turn you into the cops. For a '$500 or I tell family/friends' threat, pretty damn weak to be a scam. It's just somebody's idea of a bad joke...


It is a prankster trying to trick u

Pearl L

sounds like a scann to nne, i would tell your parents about it


The only reason why you're worried about this, is because you've been watching child pornography. It is from your internet service provider