Why Hasn't Windows Made a Good Operating System Since Windows XP?

Ah, the XP days; the glory days! The time when using a computer was straightfoward and the experience wasn't bloated. The time when the user wasn't bombarded by shiny Aero window effects, live tiles, or annoying built-in start menu ads. Why does it seem that Microsoft hasn't made a good OS since Windows XP

The AnarchoTechnicist

I liked XP too, but it had very poor built in security and was very prone to malware. Windows 7 and 10 are alright in my book. But Windows 8 is an abomination.

Higgy Baby

Well there is something called "React OS". I believe it originated in Russia? It is not windows but is close enough to run windows apps. I have not tried it- you can find it on Distrowatch. However.....there is always Linux. There are probably over 300 different Linux distros from very easy to impossible. If you stick to the top 25 you will find something you like. Linux Mint or Ubuntu are great. I tried Ubuntu back in 2008- still using it today- just a newer version.


It's gotten different owners apparently. Bill Gates left after Vista. Vista though it being very very very flawed was beautiful and had a lot of atheistic that xp had.


I liked XP and still use it some but 7 was much better and I use 10 but not as much as 7. Ron


7 was pretty good. XP still wasn’t as good as original versions of Mac OS X.


Mostly because to keep up with U.S. Government requirements, they needed to upgrade security. Remember, the U.S. Government buys Windows systems in 10,000 unit quantities for EACH DEPARTMENT of the government. When you are a 100,000+ buyer, that's a LOT of clout.