Are DSLR Cameras better than Camcorders for filmmaking ?



Generally, no... but it depends on your definition of "better". Download and read the manual for any dSLR less than about $1,000 and you will find they are designed for still image capture... and video capture is a secondary "convenience feature". There are warnings in the "movie capture" section related to overheating and automatic shutdown until cool enough to use, many have no connection to external audio devices (like mics) and the internal mic (many times a mono, not stereo mic) is problematic. As well, the servo-motors used for auto focus and aperture are loud enough to be recorded to the internal mic. dSLRs at this "low" end" have a single imaging chip - typically APS-C. With still images, use of a flash is common - this allows the lighting to be controlled for the single image. For Video, a constant lighting source is needed - and for low light the combination of the not-so large of a diameter lens and the single imaging sensor (and the expectation that "it should be enough light because I can see, what is wrong with this thing) generally results in "noisy" video as this is actually a poor lighting condition. There are workarounds to each of these that are not needed with a camcorder. If the draw to using a dSLR is that they have the desirable lens focal length which can provide the depth of field visual that same effect is possible when using a camcorder by properly adjusting the aperture and shutter speed. Another option is to use a "cinema cam" like those from Canon (like the XC15 or C-series EOS cinema cam), Blackmagic Design and a couple of others. These (like the Sony NEX-EA50 series) are designed to be camcorders but carry many of the desirable traits from still image capture devices - and don't have the still image capture device workaround baggage. Personally, I've opted to use The Sony PXW-Z150 and PXW-Z190 camcorders (the Z280 is a little too expensive for my video hobby)... the many resolution and frame rate selections available + the many controls on the outside of the camcorder (and not buried in a menu) + no overheating issues + a great onboard stereo mic and XLR connections for external mics) meet my requirements much better than any dSLR's "movie capture" convenience feature.


It's the other way around. Camcorders are best for shooting video.


Absolutely not.


DSLR made for single pics, camcorders for filming movies