I m looking for a camera?

Every camera seems to be really bad or really expensive, I want one that s alright. I m looking for a 1080p 60fps camera without fish eye lens and with a external mic port. I don t know if I m asking too much but I don t wanna spend more than 250 dollars and it would be nice if the quality didn t drop significantly with less lighting


You are not looking for a camera, you are looking for a camcorder. As to the quality issue, a poor craftsman blames his tools. Don't blame the equipment for your lack of expertise and experience.


"Every camera seems to be really bad..." There's a perfect explanation to that. Picture quality depends mostly on the photographer's skill. Next time you get a bad photo from a camera, don't blame the camera. The camera is only a tool. "...or really expensive." Well there is logic to that too. The more expensive a camera gets, the higher the chance you get a decent shot. That is if you don't know what you're doing because if you do, even a "bad camera" will do wonders. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1035254-REG/sony_cyber_shot_dsc_h300_digital_camera.html

Mmm J

The most expensive parts to the camera are the lens and the imaging chip. A large diameter lens allows more light in. A large imaging chip can better deal with less light. Large, well made glass is difficult to make - remember, no ripples, bubbles, etc... the lens has to be optically "perfect" then ground, shaped and polished so there are no distortions, scratches or other anomalies that would make the captured images somehow "not good". Imaging ships are silicon wafers. Small chips can't deal well with low light. Large chips can - but are expensive to manufacture because of the current state of the art processes. Each of thousands of pixels much work or "dead pixels" will ruin the captured image. In your price range - essentially entry level for consumer-grade camcorders - which will have small diameter lenses and tiny imaging chips. Your added dimension of 60 frames per second video capture means a fast processor in the video capture device which will take the light that came in through the lens hitting the imaging chip, digitize the signals from the imaging chip, transcode, buffer and store that digitized video onto a memory card. Use of a camcorder for video capture is preferred (the alternative is a device designed for single image capture that happens to capture video, but there are potential issues with overheating and short duration video capture time-out that many don't want to deal with). Based on your comment, "without fish eye lens", it seems you have only looked at "action cams" designed to capture action video. Based on your limited requirements, the best I can suggest is a Canon HF R800. Be sure to get a tripod or other steadying device. Lighting may be as simple as using a flashlight or as complex as you want to make it...


Get a camcorder. Check the feature list of each model until you find one that seems to suit your needs. If the price is more than you can afford, save up for it. If it costs more than you are willing to ever pay, do without.

Vinegar Taster

No such thing as a bad camera , only bad photographers . Look on e bay for the cheapest deal . And don't buy from a seller with less than a 100% rating .

John P

Indeed you should buy a camcorder, since your intention is to shoot video, and you need good input facilities for external mics etc.


Canon Vixia series has choices. With those features and prices.


You need to get a camcorder as there are no digital cameras that will have the jacks and the video performance. Plus none will have power zoom. None will have good image stabilization. None will have a fast lens. The list just goes on and on... Here's a link to B&H showing all of the camcorders from Canon, Panasonic and Sony that are $300 or less: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ns=p_PRICE_2%7C1&sortType=default&ci=1871&fct=fct_brand_name%7Ccanon%2Bfct_brand_name%7Cpanasonic%2Bfct_brand_name%7Csony&srtclk=sort&N=4294548093&mnp=1&mxp=300