Can’t connect coolpix b500 to snapbridge?

every time i go to connect my camera to snapbridge it doesn’t give me the option to choose an accessory


Snapbridge promises to provide the fastest way to get your photos from your camera straight to the world. Sometimes, being fast isn't good however. I always make it a point to inspect each photo thoroughly first before I upload it to the internet. That way, I can always be sure that I only show my best photos. For copying photos from the camera to the computer, the only method recommended by the experts is to use a USB card reader to connect the camera's memory card directly to the computer's USB slot then to use the computer's file manager (not some automated program) to manually copy the photos. This may be slower but it is safer and you are in total control every step of the way.


According to Nikon's camera compatibility chart seen here: This made me think that your B500 wasn't compatible with Snapbridge, but on the download page for the B500, there's a manual for Snapbridge. So obviously the camera can use Snapbridge. To fix your problem, I would first turn the camera off and read through Nikon's Snapbridge manual. Follow it step by step which should allow you to connect the camera to the Snapbridge app. Here's the link for the Snapbridge user's guide: Before starting, make sure that the device you're using has Bluetooth technology, and that it is activated. Bluetooth uses additional power, which is why it's not alway turned on by default. Does the B500 have an option to turn Bluetooth on and off? If it does, make sure to turn it on, too.

SSP Bowl Dude

Take the card out of the camera and use a card reader. More reliable and faster transfer speed.