How do I Permanently delete photos off a camera?

I’m doing a personal photo shoot for Valentine’s Day and I’m borrowing my fathers professional camera. I’ll use my own SD card and put his back in when I give it back to them. I want to make sure he NEVER EVER sees those photos. So will be SD card and deleting them from the camera be enough? I’ve never really had to hide anything before.


There will be NOTHING in the camera for you to delete, my friend. Once you remove the SD Card from your father's professional camera there will be no record of what photographs were taken. There is NO NEED to format anything. The ONLY record of the photographs taken will be on the SD Card that you have removed.


u have to format ur SD card with the camera and not the pc


You have to write 1s and 0s over the entire recordable area of the card. It's not enough to press the delete button or format the card. To achieve this you can either just manually write various files to the card until it's full, then format the card and repeat. Or you can download software that'll do it for you.


You don't mention the model of the camera, thus it's hard to say what to do. If it's a DSLR, then no worries as those cameras don't have internal SD memory. If you use your own memory cards and remove them from the camera, you should be OK. Some cheaper cameras do have a small amount of internal storage memory. If it's one of those, after your shoot you can remove the plug-in memory cards, format the internal memory and/or shoot a bunch of photos of silly things and fill up the internal memory.


One solution is a software called "Eraser" and run a "gutman" erase method. But the title/dates/metadata might still be stored in the hidden partition. For some reason its illegal for non-companies to mess with that. I know this because I thought I was about to be but Fcked for owning hentai....