Is it possible that my Camera will dettach from the tripod if it falls from a high height?



Yes. And it's possible that it will detach in several pieces.

Steve P

If I jump from a high building with a pillow taped to my butt, will the pillow detach? The answer is the same as yours, ... it doesn't matter. I would be dead and the camera would be ruined whether it stays on the tripod or not. Stupid damn question actually.


Stupid kid troll.

SSP Bowl Dude

Yes, and it will likely break even if the camera stays on.

John P

Most likely the crash when the combination hits the ground will separate those two items. And both will be left damaged, probably beyond economic repair, even if they are not separated.


Yes, highly possible. Worse, the camera can be damaged while still firmly attached to the tripod after it falls even from just a few inches.


How high is high? And what is your tripod head made of? Plastic? Carbon fiber? Aluminum? Are you planning to drop a camera on a tripod, and that's why you're asking? Are you concerned that the camera could fly off and hurt someone? What problem are you facing that you need to know? Whether or not your camera detaches from the tripod after a fall from some unknown distance depends upon the distance (32" per second, per second) and the material that the tripod head and the quick release plate is made of, and how strong the connection is between that plate and the tripod head. I would assume that if the hight of the fall was great enough, yeah, the camera would likely detach. If that is a concern, then use a metal cable or tether and attach it to the camera and to the tripod so that if the camera should detach from the tripod head, it'll still be connected to the tripod.