Do dead pixels on camera display matter?

I want to buy a used camera and I'm wondering if when I move the files to my computer if the dead pixels would show up


it displaus matter but not anti matter


It all depends on your level of tolerance. Some people get highly irritated with just one dead pixel while others get by with multiple ones. They don't affect the resulting picture anyway so it's all up to you.


Not as far as the photograph is concerned.


Not if you don't care, they don't show up on photos no if it is just the lcd display that has them.

Digital One

My manual says a ghost image may disappear after 48 hours

Martin S

Each death matters


You first need to confirm whether the dead pixels are in the photo or if they're within the LCD display. An easy way to do this is to view the image with the camera and then pan the image. If the dead pixels move with the image, then you know that the dead pixels are not due to the failure of the LCD screen. Dead pixels can often be removed in post. Sometimes this can be a very easy process with Photoshop or it could be difficult if the dead pixels are within detailed areas of things like a human face. The dead pixels may not be visible if all you're doing is posting to the web. But if you make large prints, then of course they'll be much more visible as would any mistakes you may make in removing them in post.


They matter if there are too many of them. It is normal to have a small number of dead pixels on either a screen or a sensor. Moving files should have no effect on the appearance of dead pixels.


Yeah it does